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by Jhoana Shaynne

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VirtualMoneyMaking.com is a personal finance blog sharing ways to earn extra money, make smart financial choices, and of course, help you understand how money works.


Hi and welcome to my website! My name is JS Peralta. I’m an ordinary person, not wealthy enough, and sometimes struggling with my finances. That’s why I created this blog – to share how I am improving my finances and to give advice on some topics about money which I have done mistakes in the past and my objective is to share to my readers my lesson and how to avoid it to help them improve their finances as well.


I am an entrepreneur at heart. After I graduated, I worked in a small food business chain back in my home country as a cashier and escalated to account manager. While working, I have a few businesses on the side. I tried Network Marketing, which is very popular at that time. I also went selling coupon cards door-to-door on the weekends because it pays good money. I worked part-time as an associate in an Insurance Company,  Lending Companies, and even moonlighting in between Real Estate Companies. I made lots of money and lost some at the same time. You cannot hold everything in your hands. Someone once told me, “You cannot hold the sand forever; it will eventually flow out of your hands unless you put them in a bottle.” (This person dug a hole in my heart that until now it is hurting whenever I am making another wrong decision.) That’s the time I learned about passive income.


I learned to start my own business, delegate people, and made my time good searching for a new passive income stream and attending to small business conferences. However, I had to lay low because back then, I was pregnant to my first child, and sooner or later, there comes the second baby. It was a big blessing for me having them and simultaneously, got separated with their father.


There I went rock to the bottom.

I was good at earning money, managing my finances but failed as a partner.

Without a doubt, I knew that I could rise again, and yes, I did it!

Although it took me years to get up And I am still proud that I did a great job raising my kids on my own.


I put up one business after another, it was good, yet it is not sufficient, especially when they get sick. My first born was hospitalized because of Dengue Fever – that is a fatal disease which we had to stay long in the hospital for weeks. I was struggling, ending up selling my business. I had to. (That was the hardest and weakening part of my life that every time I think about it as of today, I am afraid to go back.)


Years passed while working as an Account Officer in a micro-financing company, I built up a soap business from scratch, and I told myself, I had to do this right and carefully, little by little, I made it big, big as I can rent my own office and distribution store. As I try to make ends meet, I bump into the right person who I never expected that would become my life partner and the father of my third child. Two years ago, we migrated here in the US. Months passed, I took the risk of putting up an online business, opening bank accounts, used credit cards, managing finances of my husband’s current business, lots of new things for me.






New mistakes, new lessons, new experiences.

Now, I am ready to share my brand new life and a new mindset to conquer this “American Dream” lifestyle. You bet I am still learning. I genuinely enjoy reading finance and life articles/blogs, and I also enjoy interacting with people’s discussions from forum websites that I am in. That made me learn things fast, and you know my nature, if I saw something interesting, I jump into it, try it, worked it, failed it, learned it and go back to the process. I hope to use this blog to educate and inform others and myself about making, saving, investing, managing money virtually.


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All the best,

JS Peralta


If you want to know my full name or ask about anything else, you can always send a message, and I promise to get back at you the soonest time possible.



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