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28 Budgeting Hacks You Should Do Today!

by Jhoana Shaynne
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One of the hardest things to do as an adult is budgeting. Some of us have a hard time earning because we tend to go over-budget and sometimes spend on things we don’t actually need. Here are some budgeting hacks on how to change that:

1. Plan your finances in advance: think of the pros and cons.

2. Stick to the basics like water instead of soda since water is cheaper.

3. Lessen your fast-food visits.

4. Don’t keep on changing/upgrading your mobile phone, tablet or laptop; what you have currently works just fine unless it really needs some major repairs.

5. Try not to buy what you first see, take a look around, and do some research. Also, look for discounted items or sale items.

6. Pay your bills in advance or at least on time to avoid penalties and other hassles.

7. If you use your car going to work, then you might want to try to take some days off driving, commute instead and if your workplace is near, walk or ride a bike to work. You save on gas money and exercise at the same time.

8. Use what you have to exercise. Stay away from expensive gym fees. Go outside and walk; have a trail run or bike ride near your local trails.

9. If you like reading books or magazines, try to borrow first from friends if they have a copy instead of buying immediately.

10. Use your credit card for emergencies only, avoid keeping it in your wallet all the time.

11. Avoid impulsive buying. Think about how hard you worked for that money before spending it. If you find yourself wanting to buy something, try to sleep on it first, think about it at night, and rationalize it.

12. Every payday, set aside some cash even if it is just a small amount. Put it in a box, or any container, then place it in your least accessed part of the room.

13. Learn to save on electricity and water, switch off everything that you are not currently using.

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14. Stop wasting food, save your leftover for the next meal.

15. Try to lessen your online purchases by taking some time off from the internet.

16. Download and use free apps instead of buying overpriced software.

17. Avoid getting sucked into buying anything just because you saw a great advertisement.

18. When going shopping, bring the exact amount and only a few spare changes for back-up and, if possible, leave your credit card at home.

19. Always remind yourself that you worked hard for your money and that it would be a waste to spend it that quick.

20. Live simple. You don’t need to buy a $200 shoe if a $50 shoe works just fine, same with other stuff like clothes & appliances.

21. When doing your grocery, stick to your list and always look for cheaper alternatives. Try to buy also in bulk; some offer discounts for bulk orders.

22. For services needed, try to pay for it by barter, especially when you are skilled at something.

23. When going on a trip, plan, and book ahead to get a cheaper flight.

24. When on a trip, eat local and explore the place on foot, you save money and enjoy the place better.

25. Do not be ashamed to ask for discounts.

26. Recycle and repurpose old stuff instead of throwing them away and buying new ones.

27. Plan your meals, lessen trips to fancy restaurants, and improve your skill at cooking instead, cook your food and bring it to work or school instead of always dining at restaurants.

28. During payday, avoid going to malls and other shops unless you need to.

At the end of the day, your budgeting issues point to self-discipline, learn, and re-learn to always stick to your budget and live simple always, encourage others to do the same as well.

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