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5 Cashback Mobile Apps Other than Ebates

by Jhoana Shaynne

Humans hunger to be rewarded back which basically becomes the driving force of cashback mobile apps. Imagine just spending your own money because you need to buy something  then earning some of these back. Nice, right?

Is it a kind universe? Not really, but it’s marketing. And people, more than anyone, want to get something in return or something back! That’s why these Cashback Apps are so much patronized by self-chronic admitted shoppers and even those who just casually visit their carts to buy.

One of the most popular apps is Ebates, which is a personal favorite and probably popular among your friends and families. It is extremely easy to use, and after installing the app, all you need to do is simply open it and search the store in the search bar and click their referral link to the store and just go about with your normal shopping routine.

Ebates’ link to these stores is paid by their partner stores. In return, Ebates will refund you a portion percentage of your purchase. This refund will reflect as a payout quarterly.

If you are wondering if there are more like this, read no further. Here are some Cash Back Mobile Apps that can accompany your Ebates App:


Like Ebates, Dosh is also a cashback shopping app that rewards you the glory of just purchasing. It also works similarly like Ebates just letting you go on with purchase while you also accumulate cashback. However, the way Dosh works has some kind of distinction.

Dosh will ask you to link your credit card info, and they guarantee that your credit card information is secure. Once done, you can just go to every store it supports online or physical stores and swipe/key in your credit card. You can check the cash back you’ve earned by using your credit card from your Dosh account. Oh, and it works with debit cards too!

On payouts, Dosh asks you to have a minimum of $25 before it goes straight to your bank account or Paypal upon request.


Freebird is a new app that I’ve found that I’ve now added to my best cash back app list. If you ever use Uber to go anywhere, this is a must-have app that you need to download. Here’s how Freebird works.

A lot of people are taking Ubers to go to various places. At the same time, there are hundreds of restaurants looking to find ways to get people in the door. Freebird partners with restaurants to offer cashback if you take an Uber to that restaurant. For the restaurant, it’s basically a marketing expense – if you take an Uber to their restaurant using the app, the restaurant pays you something, which is worth it for them since it gets a customer through the door.

So, basically, instead of ordering Ubers through the Uber app, you should instead order them using the Freebird app. It’s exactly the same thing as ordering an Uber, but by using the Freebird app, you at least get cashback on your rides.


Newcomer Pei is a one of the cashback mobile apps that works similarly to Drop. Like with those apps, all you have to do is link your credit cards to Pei, and then Pei gives you a certain percentage of cash back at participating restaurants and stores. What’s interesting is that Pei seems to have a lot of national retailers as well, such as Walgreens and Starbucks, so you have a lot more opportunities to earn cash back on your everyday spend.


Shopkick allows you to earn points in-store and online. Shopping in your regular stores, scanning the items, and making a purchase will earn you reward points. Submitting your receipts is easy. They call their reward points “kicks,” and they can undoubtedly kick-start savings for you as you collect and redeem points for gift certificates at your favorite stores like Starbucks and Sephora.

Checkout 51

Working similarly to iBotta, Checkout 51 is everyone’s best friend when it comes to grocery shopping. New offers get loaded every Thursday. You can go into the app, load your offers, and head to the stores. Just upload pictures of your receipts to take advantage of the cashback.

The one area where Checkout 51 differs from iBotta is the fact that offers can be redeemed at any store, which makes it much easier to use on a national scale. Once you have earned at least $20, you can transfer your Checkout 51 rewards to cash in your bank account.

Using the cashback mobile apps above will definitely give you another source of income. Although not big, it can still help you save money while getting the things that you need.

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