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Ebates App Review 2019

by Jhoana Shaynne
ebates app review

When you try to search online for a list of best cashback sites, Ebates is one of them. However, I chose to start with the user’s reviews from Google Play and other ebates app review.

As many people will go gaga on Ebates, others do not share similar successes. That’s why others prefer using similar apps or websites. Some users raised many complaints and issues which includes the following:

1. Canceled cash backs. This situation happens when the affiliated store was not able to record the transactions and holds it from Ebates. Ebates explains this to the user, and that is it. No matter how much we argue; the cashback is merely canceled.

2. Payouts did not materialize. For some reason or another, we may tend to miss our payouts. This could be very disheartening, especially when all requirements were met, yet there is no outcome.

3. Use of confusing words. Just like any other business, words that may be misconstrued will be used to make the product more appealing to the customers. Take note that at the very start of this article, we have been using “up to.” Some people may think that they will get a 5% flat in all purchases. “Up to” means from 1 to 5%.

4. Unclear terms and conditions. You need to read the terms and conditions properly. You have to understand all the bits and details. For example, a provision in the terms and conditions states that your purchase must meet the criterion for you to get cashback. This entails that not all purchases will get cash backs. There are rules and conditions to follow. You must be aware of them.

Now that you know their experiences from this app. It’s time for me to tell you mine. Scroll down and read my ebates app review.

What is Ebates?

It is a cashback and shopping rewards app that can be downloaded from your devices and phones. It has so many offers and perks that online shoppers are going crazy over it. With this app, you can get many discount deals, promotional codes, and coupons. Let us get to know more of this app to find out if this is a must-have on our gadgets or phones.

In general, Ebates offers 3 basic perks.

1. Save money when you shop online using the app.

Their ads promise up to 40% cash-back. Apart from the cashback, you can also earn rewards and get payments through PayPal or check. Gift cards can also give you cash backs. You can redeem these gift cards on hotels and clothes.

2. It is affiliated with 2,500 plus stores like eBay, Amazon, Walmart, etc.

Ebates features In-store cash backs, too. Just by adding your credit card to the store, linking it to the store where you shop, and paying with your linked card will earn you in-store cash backs. The process is straightforward as cash backs would be automatically added to your account.

3. It has access to offers on best-selling brands.

Ebates allows you to save on top brands like Samsung, JC Penny, and the like. You can also earn money while you are on vacation. Ebates covers savings on travel, hotels, and even car rentals. You will not miss out on the latest shopping deals or promos because there is a notification feature to keep you updated all the time.

If these three primary perks do not sweeten the deal for you, this app also provides referral earnings. You get $25 for every referral who signs up and shops using Ebates. The surprising thing about this is that there is no limit to these referral earnings. Also, if you are shopping at Ebates for the first time, you will get a $10 bonus!

Sign up now and get your $10 –> Ebates Sign Up

Ebates is a legal structure. It does have its benefits. You have to be clear of their terms and conditions so as not to feel like you are fooled. Knowing the literature of Ebates will support you to be in control more.

By the way, Ebates has recently changed its name to Rakuten Rewards. Though the general idea is the same, there were some minor changes in the platform’s tabs and terminologies. Just bear in mind that they are the same.

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