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4 Expense Tracker Apps to Help Your Budgeting

by Jhoana Shaynne
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One mark of successful companies is due to their impeccable recording and tracking of not only cash-inflow but expenses as well. This business strategy is applicable to personal usage and small scale businesses in an attempt to meet financial objectives. Now, we are presented with many downloadable apps that aid the effective tracking of your expenses. Find out which expense tracker apps best suit you.


Mint is probably the most popular app being used. With Mint, you can keep track of spending, create budgets to stick to, track bills, keep cash flow in check, watch investments grow, and be knowledgeable of money alerts. It also has Mintsights which delivers money-saving insights based on your factual financial standing and information. This APP is made by Intuit – makers of Quickbooks (part of the list below). This app is free in the Apple Store.

Clarity Money

Clarity Money is ranked as the best app for mobile phones because of easy to navigate mobile interface. It is also free in Apple store and is scored 4.7 out of 5. Highlights of this app are it can help control your budget, find and cancel unwanted subscriptions, give a breakdown of your sending, and forecast and automate savings. What users are happy about this app is that it can understand your spending habits like detecting what merchant you usually buy from and how much you spent on them.


Penny is the app for you if you find yourself bewildered in reading data in tables, charts or graphs. This app is way different from what you would normally expect. Instead of an interface, it has a chat box that you can talk to an artificial intelligence named “Penny”. She is a personal finance app that keeps track of your income and spending. She also shares significant and fun information about your finances for immediate decision making.


Now, if you are a budding entrepreneur or managing a small scale business, keeping track of your income and expenses is basically the lifeblood of your business. You might want to take a look at QUICKBOOKS. This app can be used in phone, tablet, or desktop devices. It has functionalities that are essential for business procedures like send and track invoices, capture receipt photos and add and match transactions from your bank.

You will always have an idea of how your business is going complete with collective and updated data. It also has online accounting that gives your accountant access to your account in preparation for tax time. It is a partner to about 80 apps like Inventory Management and advanced Customer Relationship Management. The app promises that you can stay productive on the go. It is free but has in-app purchases for online features in Apple store.

There is no strict hierarchy as to which is the best app in comparison to all. You just have to identify your needs when managing or tracking your expenses. The featured apps here have something unique in their own way. Recognize which is apt for your requirements and comfort then start tracking your expenses.

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