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Fetch Rewards Review 2019

by Jhoana Shaynne
Fetch Rewards review

Ever wonder how you can turn your grocery receipts into something useful? Surprisingly, there are ways on how to make grocery receipts useful only by just scanning those receipts. Fetch Rewards is a mobile app that allows you to earn rewards for taking pictures of your receipt. What makes Fetch Rewards different from other rebate apps is that you do not have to select any specific item offers before you scan your receipts.

Ibotta and Checkout 51 are two of the cashback apps that are already on the play, so Fetch Rewards is a relatively new cashback app.

It all starts by merely downloading the app. Click here to download the app and read my Fetch Rewards review below.

Sign Up to Fetch Rewards.

First, you have to follow the registration steps. You can use your email address, Google, or Facebook account to sign up. You also need to enter your state and phone number. Then you will get a text message with a code to confirm your registration. Once your account has been verified, you can start using the app. You can get 2,000 bonus points when you use my referral code: G7NMW before scanning any receipts.

Earning points is quite easy.

As mentioned earlier, you can scan your grocery receipts without any specific items. However, you will gain more points if you purchase the items that match the brands they are affiliated with. Some common brands that will help you earn more points are Kraft, Oscar Mayer, and Breyers, just to name a few. Fetch Rewards is currently working with over 230 brands. The list also includes some beer brands and wine brands! You can also check out the list of all participating brands within the app.

You can also earn higher points during their Special Offer for a limited time. Offer items allow you to crank up your earnings in point values ranging from 500 points to as much as 10,000 points. Purchasing items that match the brands they work with is the key to earning the most. Being flexible with the brands you buy can help you even earn even more points.

Buy by Brand

With Fetch Rewards, you can get a list of recommended brands. This way, you get to purchase more items that match the brands they work with.

Compared to Ibotta, the leading cashback app, Fetch Rewards is easier to use in terms of technicality. With Ibotta, it requires you to unlock an offer. You have to scan the product’s bar code and then upload your receipt. While with Fetch Rewards, all it takes is for you to scan or take a picture of your receipt, and the points you earn will be added to your account in seconds.

Ibotta has a cashback option, and Fetch Rewards does not. You can get your Ibotta cashback using your PayPal account. You get to earn real money. But what makes Fetch rewards worth it? It is an additional money-saving way. Every grocery trip is not a waste because you get to scan the receipt using Fetch Rewards. You can receive a $10 Amazon gift card or more as long as you earn enough points.

Redeeming from your earned points is easy.

You can redeem a reward in as low as 3,000 points. The rewards are all in electronic form. You can choose from hundreds of stores nationwide, pick the category you are interested in, like if you select the Electronics Category – find gift card rewards from Best Buy, Dell, Nintendo, and others.

If you prefer to redeem gift cards from your favorite restaurant, you have 40+ restaurants to choose from the Restaurant Category. Same as for the Retail, Fashion, and Entertainment Category. Just after you successfully redeem a gift card from your chosen store, Fetch Rewards will send an email to the address linked to your Fetch account. Then, you can buy from that store using the code and enjoy your rewards!

Using Fetch Rewards apps is user-friendly, and you get to see your points earned in seconds. If you are just merely looking for an easy way to earn points on your groceries, Fetch Rewards is the right choice. Fetch Rewards have given out over $3 million since it was first launched. This shows and proves that they are doing something right.

Being practical is a skill. Using rewards app such as Fetch Rewards is an easy and effective way to be practical. Every penny counts. If there are ways for you to stretch a dollar, be smart, and do it.

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