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Get Paid to Play Games Online for Free

by Jhoana Shaynne
get paid to play games online

Probably by now, you know that you can make money playing a game. Yup, you heard right. Making money has been more accessible than ever. If you thought that earning cha-ching meant you had to be a prisoner of a four-walled office on top of a tall building, then, not necessarily. You can actually get paid to play games online for free!

Some companies test games as a part of their service, so it is possible to still go to an office building to actually do the job. But, there are other opportunities you can try while at home. Remember, though; not all these are as enjoyable as you hope it would be or that the money is a lot. Making money playing a game could simply mean as a hobby, but there are some options where you can do it as an 8-5 job.

Let us identify these opportunities you can try so you can start to make money playing a game. These are just a few of the things that you can do, but these suggestions are a good start. Here we go!

Video Game Tournaments

Do you want to play games for real money? This is your lucky day because in playing video games, you actually can. If you’re into games like Call of Duty, DOTA or any video game that holds tournaments – this is something you can try.

In the Philippines, even computer shops hold small tournaments, and all you need is a team. Win these tournaments, and you get your cash plus camaraderie.

Become a Twitch Streamer

Familiar with Twitch? Well, it is a streaming platform where you can earn money with the help of your subscribers. Most gamers have a Twitch account where they live stream their games. Some of the top Twitch streamers do this full-time like some Youtubers.

Work in Customer Service

This is what I mentioned in the intro, where there are some companies like Sony, for example, who hire people to test games and eventually help other people or players with their woes about the game.

Of course, you’d have to be a great gamer to be able to get a position in any company which manufactures and distributes these games. I know someone who works for a certain company and works at home. Real money earning games is possible as a job or as a hobby.

Farm the Character

If you have heard about this expression, all you have to do is spend time levelling up a character or characters, either for a certain skill or for in-game money. By doing this, you can make your character saleable to newbies or even to experts who just want to advance in the game.

I remember a friend earning money by playing Ragranok because he was able to farm rare items and sell them for real money. Video games like this have chat rooms where the players can ask other players for specific items and sell them – either real money or in-game money or credits. So, this is, in fact, something people are already doing and something you can do as well.

Earning money to play video games is fun. This allows us to escape reality once in a while. When gaming becomes a job, the idea of escaping disappears, it is still fun, but since it still works, you know that it can be tasking.

If you push forward and decide that this is something you would like to do for a living, then ask an expert or check online for opportunities that you can do to begin the process. Play games for real money are so tempting, it is work, but it can be done. So, try it today and see where this path leads you. Happy hunting!

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