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How to Sell Your House in 8 Easy Steps

by Jhoana Shaynne
how to sell your house

Many of us wish that selling a home can be as easy as selling your pair of shoes. Unfortunately, the sale needs many considerations in legal, financial, and business aspects. With all the many procedures, the process can be very confusing, which may result in the negligence of some vital steps. Selling your home, for whatever purpose you may have, is a milestone for you. It is essential to do it right. These are eight condensed steps to help you in selling your home.

STEP 1. Decide if you will sell your house by yourself or if you will get the services of a real estate agent.

Your time is essential when making this decision. If time in on your side, then opt to sell the house yourself. You will not need to pay a commission to the real estate agent. But, take into consideration that selling is a process. You will be alone when it comes to appraising and pricing, hiring home inspectors and photographers, and talking potential buyers to see your home.

Now, if you do not have the time, it would be wise to get a real estate agent to handle the job for you. They have access to an extensive listing of potential buyers. Moreover, a big chunk of the total house sellers in America relied on real estate agents, mainly because they know what they are doing. They earn money by selling your house so it must be their expertise.

STEP 2. Set your house worth (price).

Base your price on “comparables” (the price of properties sold in your area), market value from the appraisal and owners need (how much you need for the sale of the house). Make all these plays together, then come up with a logical price value for your property. The common mistake of sellers is overpricing. They forget to take the ones mentioned into consideration.

STEP 3.Get your house ready for sale.

Prepping your house for sale is a significant step simply because you need to make it marketable. First, you have to de-clutter and clean the house. Throw away unnecessary things and make money out of the items that you will not bring with you. In other words, the garage sale is in order.

Also, make it a point to hire a home inspector. The electrical, plumbing, gas, heating/cooling, and structure of your house must be checked. You may be posed with decisions as to what to get fixed. We suggest you get the big ones repaired as this would have a significant impact on your appraised value and market advantage. You should also not forget about improving your home’s curb appeal.

STEP 4. Stage your home and get some photographs.

Start decorating your homes. Inexpensive preparation must be done to make it attractive to potential buyers. Try to get designs or decorations that are recent and trending.

Get a photographer to capture the highlights of your house. Make sure to take pictures of all the areas to give probable buyers a bird’s eye view of your property. Remember, before a buyer visits, he or she takes a long look at the photographs presented.

STEP 5. List and market your home.

Once your house is set, it is time to list it. Search online on the best home for sale listing sites. Choose one that fits the specifics of your house. Get ready to upload the photographs and choose the proper advertising words to entice buyers.

STEP 6. Negotiate.

You or your agent will have to answer any queries. Be patient. Some buyers will haggle the price (this is given in any process of sale). Do not be afraid to negotiate. Keep a price ceiling and price floor. Remember that price is not the only thing that can be arranged. You can consult who will shoulder the sales tax or other repairs of the house.

STEP 7. Sell your home.

When you have real potential buyers, it is time to sell your home. Make sure that you do a background check on the buyer and get information about their credit standing. The price you set might not materialize. You have to settle a price with the buyer. Draw the deed of sale then proceed to step 8.

STEP 8. Prepare for closing then close the sale.

Check if all these are met: home inspection, free title search to authenticate that you are the owner, property survey, septic certification, final walk through with the buyer (usually 24 hours before closing), and signing of the deed of sale.

If you have been keen on following the steps on how to sell your house, then you have got a good sale.

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