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Maximize Your Home Value by Improving Curb Appeal

by Jhoana Shaynne
improving curb appeal

Entice prospective buyers to even consider looking inside the house you want to sell. May it be your property or someone else’s, it is important that you market your product for it to sell. Improving curb appeal your home’s might be the reason you sell your property faster than you thought it would.

Curb appeal is a term that describes how attractive a house or property from the sidewalk to a possible buyer. This term is usually used by realtors who are either selling or evaluating a piece of property.

If you think that your home could use a little bit of curb appeal and maybe you’re looking to sell your property, or you want to improve your space for your enjoyment, we will be giving you a few suggestions as to how you can boost your curb’s current look and value.

Here are a few suggestions you can work on:

Go Green

Notice most attractive homes have attractive greens and flowers. This is something that you should always remember. Just adding up plants in your front lawn will make all the difference. Maybe add a few potted flowers here and there, a hanging succulent by the door, and you’re good to go!

Take Care of Your Lawn

Maintaining a manicured lawn is work, but you know that it does lessen your tasks in improving your curb if your lawn is well-maintained. Rake off the leaves, mow the grass, and pull the weeds. Basic care for your plants and your lawn is plus points to prospective buyers.

Make Your Door Stand Out

I remember a friend of mine whom I visited in their subdivision telling me that one of the first projects she had for their home was to change the door. I’m not sure if she did not exactly like the door because it might have been a standard panel door, but what she got was pretty awesome. She opted to ask her husband to make it, and she painted it herself. She made sure that their home will not blend right in but definitely stand out!

Light them Up

I’m a fan of lighted doorways. Not all homeowners do that. Adding a sconce or hanging pendant is the least they do for their doors. I’m not saying you have to put chandeliers on there, but since you already made sure your door did stand out, lighting up your outdoors leading up to the doorway would be awesome. Try it!


If you want to make your home look put together, using symmetry should be your thing. It may be a rookie thing to do, but it works. If you want to add a focal point to your home, then making sure the surrounding area for your focal point is symmetrical will surely help out a lot.

Add Some Front Decor

This is something not everyone is a fan of, but adding decorations outside – not the tacky ones, you are assured that people will take notice. Maybe adding a wreath on the door since it’s almost Christmas could be something you consider. I mean, there’s no harm you could possibly do to your house with that.

Fix-It Up

Have you ever seen videos of people power washing their porch? It sure lifts out tons of dirt over the years. With that in mind, small fixes like that will surely benefit your house. Doing some other handyman tasks around the house will surely add to the positive feedback both from your housemates (family) or prospective buyers.

Gearing towards improvements in the house, be it inside the house or outside – if it will make you happier, or someone who would buy your house happier, I say, go for it. After all, putting some work for something you love is always worth it.

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