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Reasons to Invest on Life Insurance in your 30s

by Jhoana Shaynne
Life Insurance

Every individual at the age of 25 to 30 years old has been offered insurance. Some people think that coverage will be a waste of investment or will be an addition to the monthly fees that they are paying for. For other people, they believe that it is only for older people. Others cannot foresee the benefits of it for now. By the time a person reaches his/her 30th, it is high time that the person should decide for what is coming in the future.

We are not getting any younger. Life changes, some people get married, some will have their kids, and others are planning to buy a house or thinking of early retirement. This article will give you a better view of why you should invest in life insurance.


We have some people who we love some much that we need to protect, especially when we die financially. It can be our parents or if not; for others when they get married and have their kids. Having this life insurance can help them ease the financial burden they might experience like funeral rites, daily expenses, and child’s education. In this way, it can help your loved ones to feel more secure and protected.


Every parent wants what is best for their children. So parents make it a point to be able to provide for all the needs of their children. This includes food, everyday things they need, extra-curricular activities like dancing, singing, or playing an instrument and education. Education is the best legacy that parents can give to their children. Choosing this insurance can guarantee your kids to be able to finish their desired course and have a better future.

Medical conditions

Let’s face the fact that everyone gets old. The older a person gets the higher possibility that he/she will be diagnosed with a specific disease. It can financially drain you and your family. To be more secure for future uncertainties, it is still best to invest on life insurance.

Other Debts

According to researches, an average of $42,000- $67,000 per individual in the ages under 35years old has this amount of debt. The causes might be of child-rearing, credit cards, mortgages, and more. Debts do not go away quickly since most individuals spent only 50% of their salaries to pay for their debts. This increasing amount of debts can have a significant impact on the people you left. They will be responsible for all the debts that you incurred when you were alive.

Emergency Fund

There will be many things that might suddenly come along the way. These can be health issues or financial uncertainties. Other life insurance comes along with emergency fund. In this way, you are well prepared for what might happen. It will give you a sense of security and peace of mind.

There will be a lot of choices for life insurance in different companies as well as the inclusions or combinations that you like. It is still best to talk to an expert agency when it comes to choosing the right insurance, especially that this does not only benefit you but as well as your loved ones.

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