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Top 5 Trending Products to Sell According to Shopify

by Jhoana Shaynne
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Shopify’s philosophy in e-commerce success is simple: it should be profitable, the products you sell should be in-demand, a clear marketing plan and the insatiable thirst to succeed.

To get you started, here are the top Shopify products to sell.

1. Travel Accessories

Seeing and exploring the world has never been so trendy, especially if you can share your experiences with your social media followers. Traveling has become a yearly or even monthly affair for families around the globe. And with the growing population, it’s not surprising that people who travel daily from their homes to their workplaces will frequent online stores to make their daily hustle worthwhile.

When looking for top Shopify products to sell, and that will also help standout, buyers would always choose something lightweight, if possible, cheap but most importantly, it functions. From inflatable pillows to portable cups and plates that can be folded after use, make sure that you go for efficiency when selling a travel accessory.

2. Shapewear

The projection for Shapewear and its market projection in 2022 is jaw-dropping. According to Shopify, the market is expected to skyrocket to about $5.6 billion in sales. So imagine if you start selling the best Shapewear and do great with your social media and Google ads!

The ambitious projection comes from the fact that it appeals to the versatility of its niche. You can put the products under various categories from women’s apparel, lingerie, or even general apparel. The key to making this product a best seller is to make sure that it’s a breathable, anti-slip, and a slimmer figure for your customers.

3. Automotive Accessories

If there’s one property that most people will do everything to protect or increase its efficiency, it’s their cars. Now that the automotive industry is riding the digital wave, every newly released car is as digital as possible. Thus, these automotive accessories come in handy, and undeniably, it makes every car cooler!

For example, the car projector accessory is still raking sales in online shops. It displays engine speed, battery voltage, and more. It’s efficient while making sure that the drivers have access to car information that will help avoid car mishaps.

4. Athleisure

The digital era is not kidding when it comes to its fashion trends. It’s interesting to note that traveling is not the only most shared activity in social media. Because people have been observed to sit around all day, fitness and an active lifestyle are often shared moments in the social media sphere.

This births the fashion movement called Athleisure. People engage in workouts, or are always on the go, look for gym clothing that can be worn for athletic and non-athletic activities. The product covers many niches, and it’s here to stay.

5. Men’s Plaid Shirts

What’s up with men and their plaid shirts? A fashion guru might cringe on how many plaid shirts a guy could have, but sales statistics will shrug its shoulders. In fact, this is one of the top shopify products to sell!

Last year, Shopify recorded a record-shattering sale in Men’s plaid shirts in September. It’s not connected so much in its fashion value but more on the seasons of the country. Autumn and early winter is the expected season these plaid shirts will be in every buyer’s cart. A proven product, even if it’s already there, is not a bad idea to sell, especially if you are just starting an online store.

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