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3 Fool-Proof Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Online Store

by Jhoana Shaynne
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The word ‘traffic’ seems to be a great word when we talk about it in the online sphere. But it’s greater when it actually happens to your online store and it converts to sales and more sales!

So, you have done the work of choosing a niche that has great potential and a winning product that will deliver in sales but nobody is buying. Now what?

That’s why getting the traffic is easy but getting the traffic that buys require a strategy and careful planning. If you are just starting out, you are probably looking for somewhere to begin or pattern your marketing from.

Here are 3 fool-proof ways to start driving traffic to your online store:

1. Utilizing the Power of Social Media

Time and again, you’ve heard this strategy in any content you consumed or forum you joined. But social media is an ever-evolving platform and it’s here to stay. With that being said, it’s important to keep up with the platform and policy changes when using these social media sites. Additionally, it’s also best to follow the kind of content your audience consumes and the kind of content your products need.

Video consumption is on the rise on Facebook and Instagram, you might want to consider using videos on your ads to show how your products can be used or consumed. It’s important that it’s visually appealing and relatively short to grab the attention of your buyers right there and then.

2. Keywords and SEO

If you’re new to SEO, there’s no reason to be afraid. It shouldn’t be a mind-boggling marketing term.

But for starters, it’s a marketing tool to make sure that people using search engines like Google can find your online store. As much as possible, you’ll want your store to be “on top” of Google results. You can always hire or outsource an expert to do this for you but to get started, you can do the following:

a. Research most-Googled keywords and add it to your online store and especially product descriptions.

b. Add a ‘Blog’ tab on your online store and start posting articles containing these keywords (discussed further in the next section)

c. Create a web of internal links so Google can index your website after you started blogging.

3. Write Blogs and Content

Content is king, probably. But a content that your audience or niche can relate to wins the crown! That is why this is an important thing to do to drive traffic to an online store

Think of writing blogs and content that is honest-to-goodness reviews of products, tutorials on how a product is used or how it can improve their lives or statistical record on how many people are using these products.

It’s important to realize that these content should not only show your expertise to talk about these things you are selling but also influence their decisions to buy.

When you are convinced that you should start producing content, please try to establish a method on how you will keep the content consistent with both quantity and quality. Failure to do so will not yield favorable results in your online business.

If you do all these tricks, you will definitely drive traffic to your online store. Try doing them now!

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