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Work from Home Jobs: Legit Ways to Earn Using Your Creativity

by Jhoana Shaynne
legit work from home jobs

Lately, legit work from home jobs has become a massive trend. You can read or hear success stories everywhere from online freelancers that you can’t help but ask how they do it. Some will say you have to be patient. Others will tell you to keep your creativity intact while there will be those who will pull your hopes down because they somehow doubt the success of work from home jobs.

Well, the trend continues. It’s not even going to end. With the convenience, it offers, who wouldn’t want a work from home job?

That’s a lot of savings on top of that too! Now, what are these legit ways to earn using your creativity anyway?

1. Graphic Design.

Have you been confined in the four corners of your corporate job as a graphic designer? Work from home jobs includes graphic design big time. If you’re creative this way, you might as well save some gas, office clothes, and added effort. Designing for purposes of publication on websites and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, among others, is the main task when hired for this legit work from home job.


– Prepare the best resume.

– Include the best graphic designs you’ve made in your portfolio.

– Create a competitive LinkedIn account.

– Join home based job  groups.

– Create profiles in freelance hiring sites.

– Be diligent in sending proposals and applications.


$400-$1,000 per month

2. Writing.

There are a lot of scopes that writing covers when we talk about work from home jobs. It includes copywriting, content writing, SEO writing, and ghostwriting, among many others. If your creativity is within this scope, apart from not being able to feel the sunlight for a few days, you’ll see a flood of opportunities online.

It’s never easy, though, to get a home-based writing job, especially for newbies. There’s a lot of proving to do in terms of commitment and skills. However, if you’re determined enough, you may start taking online courses to get you ready to hustle for words and deadlines.


– Prepare a well-written resume and cover letter. Make sure you personalize every cover letter you send out to your prospects.

– Have a portfolio ready. If you haven’t had any online writing experiences yet, you may share your write-ups to start with.

– Sign up or update your LinkedIn account.

– Join online job hunting groups on Facebook and be active. You will not only find employers but will also learn a lot from the currently employed freelancers.

– Sign up or consistently update and check your profile in freelance hiring sites.

– Be vigilant in accepting offers in as much as being patient in sending applications.


$10 per article of 500 words or $400-$1000 per month.

3. Multimedia.

Multimedia has also become one of the fastest developing ways of communication around the world. Those that are passionate are the only ones who understand this language. So, if artistry and animation are a part of your expertise, you don’t just have a career but a fulfilling life at home as well.

Work from home multimedia artists and animators, according to testimonies, are more productive. They can do what they have to do at home. They can choose their vibe at home too. The special effects and visual images you can see from businesses alike are marvels of these artists.


– Prepare an irresistible resume.

– Gather all your masterpieces into an organized portfolio.

– Update your LinkedIn account.

– Follow online freelancing groups.

– Sign up to online freelance hiring sites.

– Never get tired of sending proposals or applications.


– $1,000-1,500 per month

4. Teaching.

Online English Teaching or English as a Second Language (ESL) is also a part of the hype among work from home individuals. Video and audio classes are being offered. As you know, teaching is art too. You have to be creative enough so your students will not just learn from you, but they will choose to stay and recommend more students for you.

Among Asian countries who seek for ESL Teachers are China, South Korea, and Japan. While teaching strategies may vary, Online Schools have a way to train their teachers. Books are usually provided, and there’s Quality Assurance to check a teacher’s performance for continuous improvement not just on the student’s part but the educators as well.


– Join Online Freelancing groups so you can check which companies are hiring.

– Prepare a video introduction of yourself and what your future students may expect from your class. You have to look and sound pleasing, which means you have to wear a little make-up for females, and males, you may freshen up a bit. Have good lighting too.

– Make sure your resume says something about your passion for both English and Education.

– Your internet connection and computer/laptop have to be secure. Some companies check this during the interview.

– Continuously practice or watch videos of sample classes before your interview or demo.


– $300-1,500 per month

5. Gaming.

You probably feel we’re teasing, but we’re not. If you can remember our recent post about earning while playing online games, you might already believe by now that we’re not at all stalling. While this isn’t an excuse to allow our siblings, kids, and even significant others to sit right there and play all day, all night, it can be a source of legit income and may already consider as a legit work from home job.

Winning a game or perhaps strengthening a character might take time. It’s more like mastering a degree for your value to go up. This is one of the reasons why younger millenials are so hooked up with having to level up their characters or join tournaments because they’re all for a price.

How can they earn money from playing? How is this considered as a creative work from home job? Well, the best answer there is, gaming has been developed as a seemingly part of e-sports. Just like in the corporate world, the Pro gets to earn more than beginners. For as long as you’ve been playing the game for some time and you’ve explored your creativity with your tactics, you’ll win it. It takes practice to reach a certain level of financial satisfaction with your games.


$1,000-$15,000 per month, excluding the amount received as prizes.

Legit work from home jobs is no longer hard to find for as long as you are armored with the determination to get the job. Well, feeling determined won’t be enough at all, though. You have to hustle to make sure your skills and value exceed client expectations.

With your creativity, though, you don’t even have to think that you’re working at all. You’ll be delivering a part of yourself to your clients according to their specifications. And you know what else completes such an opportunity? The time you can spend at home with your family while doing any of these legit work from home jobs. That’s more rewarding than having to get stuck in traffic, waiting to get to and from work.

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